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ERP roll out

ERP roll out means reuse of existing implementation cycle and business processes at the new location. For the roll out, we need to do the some basic settings according to location of the implementation.

Our typical rollout service involves providing accounting and tax compliance spanning modules – Finance, Materials Management, Sales and Distribution. The roll-out also includes implementation of India Payroll for global companies operating in India, while focusing on governance, risk, and compliance to make companies consolidate their operations and systems for better reporting. Our rollout methodology is based on a combination of standard ERP tools, along with tools and templates developed in-house to accelerate the rollout process.

Our roll-out services include

  • Template rollout to geographies
  • Process mapping country extensions
  • Configuring country extensions
  • Custom developments for country extensions
  • Additional module roll-outs and training and development
  • Deployment through change management

The roll-out process

  • Enables cross entity enterprise business flows
  • Implements a common compliance strategy across the globe and manages cost of compliance
  • Improves supply-chain visibility across third party suppliers and contract manufacturers
  • Helps in change management
  • Allows cost containment and timeline improvement
  • Ensures platform harmonization and consolidation, resulting in accurate transaction capture and business information provision
  • Ensures full integration of geographically spread operations and effective enforcement of corporate decisions

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