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HANA is used as a DATABASE to improve the performance of the Business Applications ( i.e Business Transactions & Transactional Reports ) or to speed up Existing Analytic Reports. So, a good HANA consultant Would understand NOT just the database but also the Analytic applications that can work with HANA to make it a perfect combination. Business Objects Powered by HANA is the best choice for any large organization looking for faster analytic Reporting. SOH offers you a well designed course to cover all the skills that you require to work independently not only on the Database but also in the reporting front.

HANA MODELING & ANALYTICS (BI-BO) Training in India Advantages

  • Training mode - Classroom / Online
  • Real-Time Project Training
  • Hands-on (Practical) Training
  • 100% Placement Support
  • 10+ Experienced Professionals
  • Flexible Batch Timings
  • Minimum Batch Size
  • Student Referral Bonus
  • Easy Accessible Locations

Job opportunities in HANA MODELING & ANALYTICS (BI-BO)

HANA MODELING & ANALYTICS (BI-BO) is growing field. Currently large number of openings for HANA MODELING & ANALYTICS (BI-BO). We are supporting the student to place in a company.

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HANA MODELING & ANALYTICS (BI-BO) Training Syllabus in India


  • History and Fundamentals of Data-warehousing in Depth.
  • Star Schema And Extended Star Schema Techniques
  • Clear picture on OLTP and OLAP systems

Introduction to ERP HANA

  • ERP In-Memory Strategy
  • HANA compare to BW
  • Architecture
  • Architecture Overview
  • IMCE and Surroundings (In memory Computing Engine)
  • Row Store & Column Store
  • Installation and deployment scenarios


  • Introduction to HANA Studio
  • HANA Administration Prospective
  • Modeler Prospective
  • System monitoring

LT (Landscape Transformation) OR Trigger Based Replication

  • Remote Function Calls
  • Creating RFC Destinations in ERP ABAP
  • Replicating ERP tables from OLTP Server using Trigger based Replication
  • Real time Replication
  • Job Scheduling and monitoring
  • Parallel and Multi-Thread processing

SQL Scripts

  • Data Types
  • Table Creation, Modification, Updating and Deletion operations.
  • SQL Select Statements
  • Joins and Unions
  • String Operations
  • Stored procedures
  • CE (Calculation Engine) Functions
  • Aggregations and lot more


  • Applying star schema technique in ERP HANA
  • Attribute Views
  • Calculated Columns
  • Hierarchies
  • Time Data Generation
  • Analytic Views
  • Variables & Input Parameters
  • Calculated & Restricted Columns
  • Currency & Quantity Conversions
  • Calculation Views
  • Star Joins, Cubes & Dimensions
  • SQL Script based Views
  • Calculation Engine Functions Depth

HANA -ETL Replication Methodology

  • BODS (Business Object Data services)
  • HANA As a Central Repository
  • JDBC & ODBC connectivity
  • Replicating data from ERP OLTP Server Using BODS
  • Replicating data from Flat File Source systems
  • Replicating data from BI System
  • Backward replication technique
  • Bulk Load & Scheduling
  • Extracting ECC data using BW Extractors
  • Scheduling Stored Procedures

Transformations using BODS

  • Merge Transform
  • Pivot & Reverse Pivot Transformations
  • SQL Transformation
  • Key Generation Transform
  • Validation Transform
  • Case Transform

Business Objects CMC & Information Design Tool

  • Creating Repository
  • Relational Database & OLAP Connections
  • Working with Universes
  • Creation of Project & Data Foundation to Build the Universe
  • Creating Data Services Repository User

Xcelsius / ERP BO Dashboards

  • Consuming BEx Query
  • Consuming an Universe to Design a Dashboard
  • Working With TABs
  • Working with Workbook
  • Visualizing the data in Charts
  • Using Selectors

ERP HANA Reporting Using MS Excel

  • ERP HANA MDX Provider
  • Creating ODBC Connection
  • Reporting Fundamentals
  • Using Filters and Hierarchies
  • Graphical Reporting
  • Advanced Reporting Techniques

Reporting Using Business Object Explorer 4.0

  • Creating HANA Source Systems
  • Managing Info-Spaces
  • Geographical Reporting
  • Time based reporting
  • Hierarchical Reporting
  • Configuring & Indexing the Views
  • Creating Exploration Viewset
  • Creating URLs for Web-based Reporting
  • Reporting with BOEx in Depth

Crystal Reports with ERP HANA

  • Creating Relational Database Connection
  • Reporting on HANA tables
  • Reporting on HANA Views
  • Reporting on Stored Procedures

ERP Lumira

  • Getting started With Lumira
  • Data Acquisition from ERP HANA and other Sources
  • Preparing the datasets
  • Lumira on Cloud
  • Data Visualization
  • Designing Dashboards & Stories
  • Sharing the Stories on Cloud

Building Corporate Career in HANA MODELING & ANALYTICS (BI-BO)

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